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What Will I Receive in My Order?
Your Order will come in the form of a .csv OR .xlsx file. These excel / google sheet files will include (in order of columns left to right); vacant house address, vacant house estimated value at last sale, vacant house owner name on record, owner phone in public record, owner tax mailing address.
How do I Customize What Types of Vacant Houses I Want?
Please Scroll Below to Enter Your Custom List Details.  You will be able to request: Type of Home (SFR/MF/Condos/Mobile), Ownership Type (Private, Entity Owned, Bank Owned), Owner Equity Position (ex. 40%+ Equity), Size of Home (BR & BA Minimums & Sq. Ftg, as needed) 
How Many Vacant House Addresses will be on My List?
Our data is "LIVE" and updated bi-weekly. So you will be receiving an exact count of vacant houses based on your filters. If you purchase a "City List" you will only receive addresses in the city you order for, up to maximum of 450 addresses. If you purchase a "County list", you will receive a list of addresses in that county, up to a maximum of 900 addresses. If you want to remove the maximums because you're area is large, select the upsell to remove maximums at the bottom of this page. 
When Will I Receive My Order?
We Guarantee 48 Hour Delivery with All of Our Orders. We will refund your purchase in full if you do not receive your list within 48 hours. 
Who do I Contact if There Are Any Problems?
Please email us directly at "" OR you can visit our website at We answer all email correspondence 24/7!
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ONE TIME OFFER of MAX LEADS: If you select the box above we will REMOVE the 450 & 900 Maximum Lead Ceilings for your Order. This means if you order a list in Dallas Texas, and there are a total of 2,500 vacant houses, we will NOW deliver a list of ALL 2,500 in your list. Typically you would only receive 450 for a city list. That is an additional 2,050 leads for ONLY $19! By selecting the box above you agree to add $19 One Time to your order today.

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