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ATTENTION: Real Estate Investors & Agents
How to Get Access to 1.6 Motivated Sellers in the USA for Pennies Per Lead
Posted on August 1st, 2018 
Stop. Whatever you are doing right now, you need to pay attention to the success our customers are having with this niche.

It is, by far, the LEAST utilized, yet HIGHEST profit niche in the real estate industry today. And we're going to share a clean, fast, affordable, & actionable way for you to jump into this niche for yourself.

It doesn't matter if you're an investor or an agent marketing to your hometown. 

What is this niche? VACANT HOUSES

Did you know there are over 1.6 Million Vacant Homes in the USA today? 

Did you know that vacant houses and absentee owner's homes have the highest chances of being derelict, abandoned, in dire need of repairs, and an all around nuissance to the owners? 

Why? Because these are homes that are owned by investors, families, and amateur business owners (mostly), that don't want to deal with the massive risk & headache of these homes on their books.

You know when they are most likely to sell? When the market is HIGH, like RIGHT NOW. But the only way they will be open is if a PROFESSIONAL tells them what their home is worth, and gives them OPTIONS to sell that home as-is, or for retail after repairs. 

So we want to give you DIRECT & EASY ACCESS to these vacant home owners in your hometown. That's what is all about. 

Look, the cost of internet advertising is WAY too high right now in the real estate industry. We saw the best way we could serve our clients was to offer them the insanely valuable data, so they could go DIRECT to their "most likely to sell" prospects in their market. 

Using "smart data" to go direct to your likely customers is a GUARANTEED ROI move for you. For example: 
  •  We'll Save You Massive Time: No more guessing where to find your next lead.
  •  You'll Save Thousands of $$: Our service costs .03 to .07 Cents per lead.
  •  Laser Targeted Filtering: We allow you to filter the lists by important data like; SFR/MF/Condos/Mobile? Owned Privately, Corporately, or by the Bank? Owner Equity %? Years Elapsed Since Last Purchase? Size of the home by bedrooms, bath, or sq footage? and more...
  •  Gain Confidence in Your Adspend: We deliver you guaranteed TANGIBLE leads.
  •  Know Your Market Best: Now you know exactly WHO needs your help in your market.
  •  No More Tire-kickers: Save Massive Adspend by only marketing to likely sellers.
  •  Premier Data: We don't just give you an email... we give you the Owners Name, number, and Tax Mailing address! (We can even find his cell phone)
  •  Get to them FIRST: Be the first Professional to contact these leads, and appear to be the savior for their vacant house problems. 
  •  Get Started Fast & Easy: We guarantee list delivery in 48 hours (or your $$ back) & it's as easy as filling out our form on the next page to select your parameters!
We Take Care of our Customers
4.8 Star Average Customer Reviews (28 & Counting):
  • Miz Jacinta - "Fast return! Data received is very accurate! Will use again!"
  •  Josh S. - "...I just got a deal under contract, 2 houses for $40k... Super Impressed."
  • Louis Moore FB - "These guys are awesome and straight to point and their lists are like no other, plus their honest."
  •  Desaleo Jackson FB - "I love the integrity of this company." ...
  •  Jay Myers - "I drove five of the listed properties and only 2 were possibly occupied! Great data! Thank you."
  •  Fred Velez FB - "I recommend these guys. Great customer support too, and very honest!"
Here's How To Get Started
1. Click the button on this Page "ORDER MY LIST NOW".

2. Read through our Most Frequently Asked Questions at the top of the order page. go ahead and read through them so you understand how it works. 

3. Select your Size of List. The  "City List" or a "County List". The city list includes up to 450 leads using the parameters you set. The County List includes up to 900 leads using the parameters you choose. There is a box at the bottom of the order page that gives you the FULL amount of leads for your parameters (NO MAXIMUMS) for a simple $19 add on one time charge. 

4. Fill In Your Filter Parameters.

5. Enter Your Payment & Contact Info.

6. Select Complete My List Order. Youre Done! We will deliver your custom vacant house list within 48 hours!
If you have ANY questions or concerns, please email us at "".
  •  48 Hour Guaranteed Delivery
  •  4.8 Avg Star Reviews Across FB/Google
  •  Get Live Support from Our Team 24/7
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"Was skeptical at first but made a small 3, county order and sent it to my call center for the cold calls to start. I just got a deal under contract, 2 houses for $40k. Going to wholesale one out for 60k and keep the other. Super impressed. Here is a quote from the lady at my call center
" Remind me again, where did you get the list we’re calling on? The average property for sale percentage on landlines is about 2% so your list is double that, whoever is giving you deals; it’s definitely a good list.""
- Josh S. 5 Star Review - VERIFIED PURCHASER of Florida Vacant House List.
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